Senaste nytt om helgens exkursion om rödlistade och spektakulära arter på Engsö (Mitt i Mälaren)

Riddarsporre, Consolida regalis Gray, På Engsö finns det knappt blåklint i vetefälten här dominerar istället riddarsporren

Dr. Flor Rhebergen studerar solitära bin som vi har gott om på Engsö.

Det finns fortfarande ett tiotal platser kvar om ni tar er till Engsö själva.

Här följer Flors senaste uppdatering om de praktiska detaljerna.

Dear participants to this weekend’s excursion to Engsö,

On behalf of the Svenska Växtgeografiska Sällskapet I am very happy to invite you all to the wonderful island of Engsö (or Ängsö). We will have a great time exploring the island’s natural and cultural history, with a particular focus on the many red-listed plant species that occur there!

Travel to Engsö

We will begin our excursion on Friday morning (1/7), ~10:00 AM. If you are planning to come with your own car, you can drive to Utsikten straight away (address: Ängsö Berg 7, Västerås). If you do not have a car, we can arrange carpooling from EBC in Uppsala on Friday morning. Alternatively, we can pick you up in Enköping. So I need to know the following things:

– Do you plan on coming the whole weekend, from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon? 

– Do you take your own car, or do you need a ride?

Please send me a reply with this information, so I can work out how we can get everyone to (and from) Engsö.


On Saturday and Sunday lunch will be prepared for us. Dinner (Friday, Saturday) and breakfast (Saturday, Sunday) I will take care of, hopefully with some of your help… Apparently we have a nice kitchen at Utsikten, and the possibility for barbecue. So I need to know the following things:

– Are you vegetarian, do you have any allergies, or are there other food-related issues that need to be considered?

For Friday, please bring your own lunch.

Excursion fee

I have to calculate exactly what the excursion fee will be (covering e.g. food and accommodation), but it will definitely not be more (and probably less) than the price in the original announcement (SEK 1200). Note that the SVS will cover the fee for BSc, MSc and PhD students, so students can participate free of charge. So please inform me if you are a student!

A list of things to bring:

– Bedsheets. We have beds, but no sheets.

– Good walking shoes. We are going to walk a lot, and not always on very even terrain.

– Water bottle. 

– Lunch for Friday.

– Sunscreen and raincoat. The weather forecast is a bit unstable for the weekend, there might be rain.

– Something fun for the evenings.

– Swimming clothes. We will have the opportunity to go for a swim in lake Mälaren, if the weather is good.

Please reply to me as soon as possible, with the answers to the questions above! 


Flor Rhebergen / Svenska Växtgeografiska Sällskapet

073 706 78 74

PS: there is still space for more people to spend the weekend on Engsö. You are encouraged to invite more people, especially students, to the excursion! New participants should send me an email.

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